Grand Opening Competition

So over on my facebook page I am having a competition to celebrate Snapping Turtle Studios’ Grand Opening.


There are 5 prizes up for grabs, main prize being a free $450 photography session for up to 4 of your pets and a $100 credit towards purchasing any products.  The 4 runner up prizes are $100 vouchers for Snapping Turtle Studios.


If you’re interested in winning, head on over and enter!



The Beginning of a Journey

Finding employment these days can be difficult. Many customer service roles have become “self serve” machines or online shops. Even entry level positions require experience or qualifications that you can’t get without employment or significant financial outlay.

When I relocated to Melbourne with my husband in late 2014, I wanted to use this opportunity to realise my life long dream of working with animals. As it turned out, this was a lot harder than I could have imagined. Competition in the industry is huge, and despite being only 30 years old, I often found myself being passed over for younger applicants.

To focus on something other than rejection, we adopted Luna, a little 3 year old husky. Right from the start, I was snapping photo after photo of her; having learned that time is precious, and there may not be another day for photos.

In the digital age, cost is not as prohibitive as it once was, and cameras are more portable than ever, allowing people to take and store thousands of images of their pets, when once it was usually limited to just a few. Still, I find myself wishing that I had had the foresight to book a professional to capture beautiful images of my precious girls before they donned their silver harnesses and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I was determined not to make the same mistake with Luna, and set about finding a photographer to create gorgeous photos of my girl. Then I came upon a problem I did not expect. Most photographers wouldn’t travel far outside of the CBD, and if they did, it was very expensive. You see, Luna doesn’t travel too well in urban environments (I think because of the constant changes of speed in the traffic), so that wasn’t going to work for us.

Then I got to thinking. I did have a knack for taking nice photos with the most basic of gear. I wanted great photos of Luna, taken somewhere close by. I needed a job. Why not upgrade my gear and employ myself? And that’s exactly what I did. I found a good quality camera in great condition, rented a couple of lenses, and started shooting.


When I wasn’t photographing Luna, or our new foster cat Sir Sebastion, I was scouring the internet for business advice, shooting tips and post production tutorials. Thus, Snapping Turtle Studios was born, and my adventure as a professional photographer began.